Survey Says: U.S. Consumers & Businesses Alike Demand Pragmatic Fintech Solutions to Ease Their Financial Woes


Ringing in the holidays, means nearing the end of year, and at Credorax we decided to take a moment to reflect on the major transformation the fintech industry experienced in 2016. While Blockchain and IoT obviously made every Top 10 Trend List, let’s be honest, the biggest trend – or more bluntly put, game-changer – was the end of the so-called fintech unicorns.

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Merchants Will Become the Real Drivers of Change in the Payments Ecosystem

Editor’s note: What trends lie ahead for the payments industry in 2017? We’ve invited Kieran Hines of Ovum to highlight some important ideas for the coming year. Are you ready for retailers’ needs to shape your payment services practice? See what our guest blogger has to say.


As we closed 2016, it became very clear that 2017 will be another year of major change in the retail payments industry. One trend that will be particularly key will be the growing importance of merchants – and retailers in particular – in setting the innovation agenda for acquirers, payment gateways and other PSPs.

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What You Need to Know About the New EU-U.S. Privacy Shield


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On February 2, 2016, the much-anticipated agreement between the EU Commission and the U.S. outlining the framework for the transfer of personal data was finalized. Following the invalidation of the Safe Harbour rules by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on October 6, 2015, the Commission issued a new guidance on November 6, 2015. Continue Reading

PSPs Under Pressure

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E-commerce has truly become a retailing giant. In 2014, the U.S. and China together handled 55% of all global internet sales, accounting for $1.316 trillion.  The most attractive cross-border e-commerce destinations were the U.S., China and the UK. Amazingly, cross-border sales reached $300 billion, or 25% of total global e-commerce flow.Continue Reading

3 Payments Trends to Watch for in 2016

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The Digital Single Market Strategy: Innovation Meets Regulation

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In the payment services and e-commerce arena, EU regulators are striving to keep up with the rapid pace at which technology is advancing in order to properly regulate the various technologies currently in use and to ensure that consumers are protected.

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Real-Time Payments: When a Moment Makes All the Difference

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Real-time payments have been a significant goal of the industry for some time, and they are fast becoming a reality. As we approach this innovation milestone, it’s worth taking a step back and trying to understand more about what real-time payments mean and their potential impact on e-commerce.Continue Reading

How Will Technology Transform Financial Services?

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Digital transformation has created big changes in a wide range of industries. Retail, hospitality, transportation and others — one by one, it seems as if every industry that affects our daily lives has been revolutionized thanks to ever-evolving technologies.Continue Reading

Innovation Is Key to World Class Payments in the UK

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A new whitepaper from Payments UK, entitled World Class Payments in the UK: Enhancing the payments experience, attempts to answer the following question: What will it take to ensure that UK payments will continue to be world class? The authors contend that the future of payments is all about enhancing the payments experience through innovation in such a way that makes people say, “How did we ever live without that?”Continue Reading

Apple Pay Adoption: Whither the Revolution?

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Last year, the payments industry was on the edge of its seat — waiting to see how Apple Pay would turn its world upside down, inside out, and finally make mobile payments an everyday habit for consumers.Continue Reading