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Nadja Sittler is Director of Sales and Business Development at Credorax. She has over 7 years experience in the payments industry with previous roles at CyberSource/Visa Inc and Barclaycard Payment Acceptance. When she is not busy growing the company’s business in the UK and Europe and flying the Credorax flag at industry events across Europe and the US, she enjoys travelling and working out at her local gym.
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Why mPOS Is Changing the Face of Payments


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Many industry insiders are buzzing about mPOS lately, which is not at all surprising. There are two reasons for the recent “Rise of mPOS”. First, the increase of small and micro enterprises since the start of the global recession in 2008. Second, increased interest on the part of Tier 1 and 2 merchants in using mPOS in traditional retails environments.

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