About Fiona Brown

Fiona Brown, SVP of Commercial Risk and Underwriting at Credorax, has operated within the field of Risk Management for in excess of 20 years. She has always worked within Payments and has experience both within Acquiring and PSPs having held senior roles at both First Data Merchant Services and Pay360 (formerly PayPoint Online). She joined Credorax in April 2017 where she assumed responsibility for the Fraud, Risk, Legal, Underwriting and Compliance teams to ensure that Fraud and Chargeback levels are effectively managed and, importantly, ensuring that our clients have access to any support they need with regards to managing Fraud.
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7 tips for how to prevent chargebacks

“Chargeback management”– a term merchants around the world dread. But, chargebacks are a fact of life and can arise for many reasons, many of which are out of the merchant’s control.  Examples of chargeback triggers include:

  1. Fraud
  2. Customer disputes
  3. Processing errors (e.g. duplicate transactions)
  4. Authorization issues (e.g. debiting cardholder)

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Using AI – to Prevent eCommerce Fraud and Secure Payments

As eCommerce continues to grow exponentially, so does fraud. In fact, consumer credit reporting agency, Experian,reports that there’s been a huge 56% increase in eCommerce breaches since 2016. The prevalence of digital payments and transactions, coupled with the number of consumers gravitating towards apps and mobile connectivity, has encouraged criminals to devise newer, more sophisticated methods of stealing money.

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